Each week during the hunting season Flathead Wildlife, Inc. runs a “Preserve the Tradition” newspaper ad highlighting successful young hunter, or hunters, with game at FWP check stations as a way to highlight and protect our outdoor heritage.

We welcome photos from any young hunter, first animal or successive, and it might be any wild game harvest: deer, elk, antelope, ducks, turkeys, etc. It’s all good.

To submit a photo to “Preserve the Tradition” email the photo to flatheadwildlife.inc@gmail.com By sending us a photo, you are giving permission for the submission to be posted in Flathead Wildlife’s “Preserve the Tradition” ads. It will also be posted on FWI’s Facebook page and website.

Please include the hunter’s name and age. Our congratulations to the hunter and helping to “Preserve the Tradition”.

Congratulations Young Hunters!
Nakiah Persinger, Successful Youth Hunter this past weekend
Nikiah Persinger first deer
10-year-old Annie Paterson with her first deer (Buck)
Annie Paterson first deer
Successful First Time Youth Hunters out with their Grandpa Hunting
Two boy hunters first deer Preserve the Tradition