For Over 60 Years Flathead Wildlife, Inc., a local sportsmen’s group, has been dedicated to sustaining wildlife and wildlife habitat in the Flathead Valley and in Montana and to providing public access to public land and water.


We believe that Montana’s fish and wildlife are publicly owned.

We believe that our public lands and waters are equally owned by all of our citizens.

We believe that public fishing and hunting are legitimate and desirable tools to manage our fish and wildlife populations and are a fundamental part of our Montana heritage.

We believe in the protection, restoration, and conservation of habitat on which our fish and wildlife resources depend.

We believe in the scientific management of fish and wildlife species on a sustained yield basis.


General membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, September through May, at 7:00 pm

Fish, Wildlife & Parks
490 North Meridian Road

Board meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month year-round at 7:00 pm

Fish, Wildlife & Parks
490 North Meridian Road


President: Jim Vashro
Vice President: Chuck Hunt
Secretary: Pat Allick
Treasurer: Vacant

Board of Directors:
Tony Anderson
Roger Allick
Warren Illi
Geo Johnson
Jake Kemper
Brent Mitchell
Randy Moore
Bill Nyberg
Rich Rossow
Mike Valler
Mike Wood

Junior Director: (vacant)