Access Projects Completed:

Flathead Wildlife, Inc. has created a promotional video detailing some of the club’s achievements with a focus on McGregor Lake and public access. Share with friends. The video was filmed by Kier Atherton of Trego with funding by the Montana Wildlife Federation.

Flathad Wildlife, Inc. from Motion Noise on Vimeo.

Pioneer Road: Successfully sued Flathead County to reopen an illegally abandoned county road providing access to the Flathead River and 80 acres of US Forest Service land.

Lake 5: Worked with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to work through lakeshore owner lawsuits to successfully acquire and develop a Fishing Access Site on Lake Five near West Glacier.

Church Slough/Wagner Lane: Threatened Flathead County with legal action over proposed abandonment of a county road providing access to Church Slough. Negotiations resulted in a county fishing access site, day-use area and boat ramp being built.

McGregor Lake: Filed a lawsuit in 2017 against Flathead County over an illegally built house and lawn and other encroachments on a county road that blocked access to 64 acres of Fish, Wildlife and Parks land on McGregor Lake. The full Right Of Way (ROW) had not been cleared despite a 2011 District Court ruling.

FWI negotiated with the County and landowners to alter and survey in a narrower ROW. As of July 2018, FWI withdrew the lawsuit in an agreement that was reached with Flathead County and the landowners to resolve the issues. The (ROW) has now been surveyed, marked, and memorialized for continued public use and all encroachments have now been cleared.