Vests for Hunters Education

Published on 09/13/23

Although hunting seems like a hazardous activity, it is actually rated safer than sports like football and even golf. In part that is due to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Hunter Education Program, required for new hunters since 1957 and taught by hundreds of dedicated volunteer hunter education instructors who emphasize safety, ethics and responsibility. Hundreds of aspiring hunters will soon be in Hunter Ed classes across the Flathead.

Hunting Vests

Another crucial safety factor is the requirement to wear at least 400 square inches of hunter orange above the waist. Safety vests have been shown to reduce injuries and death due to mistaken identity by 94%. Flathead Wildlife has once again partnered with Flathead Electric Coop’s Roundup For Safety Program to buy a hunter orange vest for every graduate of the Hunter Education Program. It’s a real treat to see beaming young hunters coming through check stations with their game and sporting their hunter education vests.

Hunters Education with Students

Thanks to Roundup For Safety for supporting this great program. if you are a Flathead Electric customer, consider rounding up your utility bill. Just a few pennies a month can help make the Flathead a safer place.