FWI Membership Meeting – NEW DATE!

March 10, 2020

General Membership Meeting at 7PM

Fish, Wildlife & Parks
490 North Meridian Road

Counting Cats

Mountain lions will be the focus at the Flathead Wildlife meeting Tuesday, March 10, starting 7 PM in the Public Meeting Room of the Kalispell Fish, Wildlife and Parks office. Solitary and elusive, mountain lions are one of the few top predators expanding in numbers and range. Although one of the most abundant predators in northwest Montana, they are seldom seen by humans. Highly adaptable, mountain lion subspecies have been found all across the United States and from southern Canada to southern South America. Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife technician Molly Parks will talk about the challenges in surveying and counting these mysterious animals.

Jim Williams, wildlife biologist, FWP regional supervisor and author of Path of the Puma will talk about similarities and differences in mountain lion biology and management from Montana to Patagonia. Working through Partners of the Americas, Williams applied his expertise to lion management in the land of pampas grass and camels.

The public is welcome. Contact FWI President Jim Vashro, (406) 270-9914 with questions.