General Meeting – Dec – “Antler Antics”

December 12, 2018

General Membership Meeting at 6 PM

Doc Wild “Antler Antics”

Denny Olson, aka Doc Wild, will give the talk “Antler Antics” at Flathead Wildlife, Inc.’s December Youth Hunt and Preserve the Tradition Meeting.

Click this link for more information.

Denny is paid by Flathead Audubon to give educational talks around the valley.

Thanks Flathead Audubon! Denny is very entertaining and informative.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks 490 North Meridian Road Kalispell

Meeting Adenda:

6pm – wild game snacks provided by members

6:30pm – Doc Wild’s Antler Antics

7:15pm – youth hunters invited to share stories and potos of their hunting season

8:00pm – youth raffle for hunting and fishing gear

8:15pm – General membership raffle

There will be photos from Fish, Wildlife and Parks Check Stations around the region. People are also invited to bring and post pictures of their hunting and fishing adventures this fall. FWI will try to have a Boon and Crockett measurer available to have antlers scored. There will be a chance to estimate the B&C score of a deer for a prize.